ALPR1-SL1: The Accident that Never Should Have Happened

Hey Cafénistas…Forget March Madness!

Come join us for Café Scientifique March 4, 2013 as Owen Gailar discusses the first nuclear reactor accident in the U.S. The  SL-1  reactor,  originally  named  Argonne  Low  Power  Reactor,  ALPR,  was designed  for  the  USA  Army  as  a  prototype  of  a  low-power,  300  kWe  boiling-water reactor plant to be used in geographically remote locations.  The SL-1 was accidentally destroyed in a prompt criticality accident caused by the accidental  ejection  of  a  control  rod  during  maintenance  operations,  followed  by a steam explosion causing the death of four people on January 3, 1961.

We will continue to meet at the Cafe Via, near Herndon and Blackstone, where dinner will be served from 6:00 PM onwards, with the talk to begin at 7:00 PM.

A poster with full details is available below, for download and sharing. Please join us, and bring a friend or two along!

Café Scientifique Presents_March2013

Café Scientifique Presents_March2013