Video: Dr. McFrederick on “Why we need bees”

We’re experimenting with recording and sharing videos of our talks. Still working out the tech involved, but here is the video of Dr. Quinn McFrederick’s January talk on the bees.

This was filmed by Kira Kratzer on her iPad – hand-held – so kudos to her! The videos are shared on Google Drive from where they can be embedded directly, so fingers crossed that that part works smoothly without needing to upload to youtube and so forth. Once we do work out the video workflow, we will probably create a youtube/vimeo channel for our cafe, and post video recordings there. Meanwhile, please bear with us, and excuse the vertical frame, people walking in/out of frame and other minor oddities of this recording.

Due to a glitch towards the end of the talk, Kira had to restart recording, so the entire talk is in two segments. Here is Part 1:

And Part 2:

An additional note: we’ve asked Dr. McFrederick to share his slides, and will add a link to those / embed them here when available.