8. Updates from the Autism Spectrum – #ScienceCandle


Science: A Candle In The Dark
Episode 8: Updates from the Autism Spectrum
September 2015
Host: Dr. Madhusudan Katti
Guests: Dr. Amanda Mortimer

Topic: During last week’s Republican Presidential Primary Debate, medical science made a rare appearance in the nation’s political media discourse, when Jake Tapper raised the question about appropriate schedules for childhood vaccinations. This was triggered by candidate Donald Trump’s reassertion of a new long-discredited link between vaccines and autism. The two actual medical doctors on the panel, Ben Carson and Rand Paul did dismiss the suggestion of such a link. But Trump went on to claim that we are actually facing an epidemic of autism in this country! What do we make of this claim? Is there any semblance of truth to this?

At the next Café Scientifique meeting, on Oct 5th, we will get some Updates from the Autism Spectrum, from my friend and our guest in this episode, Dr. Amanda Mortimer. Dr. Mortimer has a dual PhD in Psychology and Neuroscience from Indiana University. Interface between neuroscience and clinical psychology. She is also a licensed Clinical Psychologist. She is now an Associate Professor of Psychology at Fresno State. She is here with some Updates from the Autism Spectrum.

The Central Valley Café Scientifique will return to Peeve’s Pub on 14 September 2015, for its 9th season. For more information about the Café and announcements about upcoming events, please visit our website, or find us on Facebook and Twitter.

2 thoughts on “8. Updates from the Autism Spectrum – #ScienceCandle

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  2. I have a very hard time reading anything re autism since I have an autistic son. So much of what I read seems incorrect while there are times that it does seem as if some progress is being made. Honestly, I have found that most people simply don’t understand how an autistic person functions since it is so different from what is considered normal.

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