Why DO animals look the way they do?


Join us Monday, September 12, to learn the answers to this question.

Our first speaker for the 2016-2017 season of Cafe Scientifique is Dr. Joshua Reece, a new faculty member in the Department of Biology at Fresno State. He studies evolutionary and conservation biology, and has worked on sea turtles, birds, sharks, venomous snakes, moray eels, hagfish, and evening primroses. He research is generally focused on discovering, understanding, and helping to conserve biodiversity.

Dr. Reece will speak about the evolution of body size in two unique groups of fish: moray eels and hagfish. His talk will broadly touch on why animals have the traits they have, with moray eels and hagfish body size as two examples. This talk will be highly accessible to a general audience, so if you are interested in why species have the traits they have, please join us!

WhoDr. Joshua Reece, Department of Biology, California State University, Fresno

When: Monday, September 12, 7 pm

Where: Santa Fe Basque, 3110 N. Maroa Ave, Fresno, CA