Studying Interest Groups and Money in American Politics

Please join us Monday August 5 for a discussion with Dr. Thomas Holyoke, a professor of political science at Fresno State.

Approximately 86% of Americans believe that their elected officials care more about the “special interests” than themselves. But who are these special interests, and what is it they do to warrant such distrust? In this presentation, Dr. Holyoke provides a systematic overview of the universe of organized interest groups active in Washington, DC, including their types and who they represent. Then he takes a closer look at their different forms of political influence, including trends in how they give campaign contributions in American elections. It ends with a reflection on the prospects for reform, as well as thoughts on a legitimate role interest groups might actually service in a democratic society.

Who: Dr. Thomas Holyoke, Professor of Political Science, California State University, Fresno

When: August 5, 2019 at 7pm

Where: Santa Fe Basque, 3110 N Maroa Ave, Fresno, CA 93704


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