More Gaps Than Record: Challenges and Opportunities in Reconstructing Earth’s History

Photo by Dr. Mara Brady

Looking into our deep past. Grand Canyon. Photo by Dr. Mara Brady

Sedimentary layers
Sedimentary rocks provide one of the best archives of Earth’s history through time. However, the sedimentary and fossil records are not complete – not all time is recorded by the deposition of sediments in the geologic record. As far back as Darwin, earth scientists have recognized the variable completeness of the sedimentary record of Earth’s history. Join us for this April’s Café when Dr. Mara Brady will explore the historical development of our understanding of how time is recorded in sedimentary rocks and the ways in which we reconstruct Earth’s history and construct explanations, based on evidence, of what happened and why.

Dr. Mara Brady is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences at California State University, Fresno. To get a preview of Dr. Brady’s talk, tune in to KFCF 88.1FM (or stream online) at 3:30 PM on Tuesday, 24 March 2015, for the next episode of our radio show Science: A Candle In The Dark, where she will be the featured guest.

When: Monday, 6 April 2015, 7:00 PM

Where:  Peeve’s Public House
, 1243 Fulton Mall, Fresno, CA 93721

Contact:  559-278-2460 (cafe inquiries) / 559-573-5735 (Pub’s number)

Here’s the full poster for this event – please feel free to download, print, and share with your friends and family:

Dive into the ocean to discover and learn from deep sea Foraminifera, on Jan 7, 2013

Happy New Year, fellow Cafénistas!

Join us on January 7th for an expedition into the deep seas! Dr. Mathieu Richaud, of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at CSU—Fresno will tell us about research into the bottom of the sea where oceanographers take core sediment samples and bring up the myriad and endlessly fascinating little microorganisms called the Foraminifera. What can these deep sea sediment samples and the tiny Foraminifers buried within them tell us about such closer-to-surface phenomena as Sea Level Change, El Niño, and Ocean Acidification? A lot, it seems, as Dr. Richaud will show us in his presentation.

We will continue to meet at the Cafe Via, near Herndon and Blackstone, where dinner will be served from 6:00 PM onwards, with the talk to begin at 7:00 PM.

A poster with full details is available below, for download and sharing. Please join us, and bring a friend or two along!