Meet Your Neighbors – with David Hunter on 5 Nov 2012

It will be the night before the big election. A good time to get together and meet some of your neighbors, don’t you think? Except the neighbors David Hunter will introduce to us are ones that we may be living among for most of our lives without really noticing they are even there!

David is part of the Meet Your Neighbours Project: A grassroots photography campaign to raise awareness about local wildlife and plants.More than 40 people in over 30 locations around the world are working with Meet Your Neighbours to photograph local plants and animals in a unique way. David’s show will highlight some of the many plant & animal images he has taken for the project, from 12,000 feet up to 100 feet down underground, all photographed in the greater Fresno area.

See everything from endangered animals to common plants in a way that you have never seen them before!

Join us again at Cafe Via near Blackstone and Herndon on the evening of Monday, 5 November 2012, for some food and science conversation – this time with some spectacular photographs!

Download the poster below and please spread the word.